Acting throughout the life cycle of the project

complete services, from the greenfield to the retrofit of an existing building

Full services’ portfolio

Core Business in Pre-Construction and Construction for the private sector

Commitment to costs, deadlines

and quality of the projects

The Company

  • Engineering and construction company operating in the in the Brazilian territory for 30 years
  • Over 2 million square meters of built area for the private sector
  • Commitment with projects costs, quality and deadlines
  • Extensive portfolio of services for the most diverse sectors
  • We integrate the value chain and keep a solid relationship with our customers and business partners
  • We build with excellence through a services’ standard based on quality, transparency and trust

We invite you to know about our job and our professionals. We want to help you to turn your dreams and projects into reality!


  • Mutual’s system was designed to ensure that every project achieves its planned results.
  • All of the system’s processes are included in Mutual’s Enterprise Resource Planning system, that operates under the Totvs-RM platform and includes:

– Quality Management

– Environmental Management

– Occupational Work Safety processes

  • All of the system’s processes meet the requirements of Integrated Systems Standards (ISO 9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001) and the Brazilian Association for Technical Standards (NBR 15575 and PBQB-H).
  • The system also manages all of Mutual’s operational processes.
  • Information obtained on site is analyzed in real time and used to generate managerial reports, that are agile to correct any deviations from the desired results.
  • The system is configured for project management in accordance with the concepts of the Project Management Institute and the PMBOK knowledge areas.